Mindanao people's peace march

On An Alternative Global Security System: A View From the Margins

By Merci Llarinas-Angeles, July 10, 2020 The tasks ahead to build an alternative global security system (AGSS) are a gigantic challenge to all of us who believe that a peaceful world is possible, but there are stories of hope all […]

Killer Cop Got Start At Dictator-Training Military Base

From Moderate Rebels, June 29, 2020 The Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd, setting off a protest movement, Derek Chauvin, started his career as a military police officer at the notorious Fort Benning, a base named after a Confederate general […]

Seattle's Capitol Hill Occupation Protest zone

Seattle’s Cauldron of Possibility

By Robert C. Koehler, June 24, 2020 From Common Wonders Maybe Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupation Protest) won’t last, but something is changing. Our national groupthink, as maintained with such stalwart certainty over the last half century by centrist politics […]

Miles Megaciph

World BEYOND War Podcast Episode 15: Miles Megaciph, Hiphop Artist and Peace Activist

By Marc Eliot Stein, June 20, 2020 “That’s when I saw this whole thing as a charade. I knew it was wrong.” I’ve been wanting to interview Miles Megaciph for the World BEYOND War podcast since hearing him perform at […]

Protestors after the police murder of George Floyd

The Good, the Potential, and What Might Happen

By David Swanson, June 5, 2020 Already we’ve seen, as a result of people taking to the streets in the United States: Four policemen indicted. More racist monuments dismantled. Some minimal and inconsistent limit on what the New York Times editorial page […]

Draft Women? Hell No!

May 26, 2020 A bill introduced to Congress is trying to expand draft registration to women … but a network of peace activists, experienced draft resisters, antiwar feminists, and draft-age youth are working to not only stop it, but to […]

1960s-era US anti military draft protest

Activists Fought US Military Draft For Decades – They May Soon Have To Again

By Robert Levering, May 19, 2020 From Waging Nonviolence As if there weren’t enough to worry about these days, women soon may be required to register for the military draft. You may not have heard about this development because of […]

Phill Gittins, director of education for World BEYOND War

How To Build, Sustain And Grow A Career In Peace Education With Phil Gittins

By Catalina Rojas, May 15, 2020 From school dropout to PhD holder.  Meet one of the world’s tops experts in Peace Education: Phill Gittings. Phill has received multiple awards for his contributions to peace and social change, including the Rotary Peace Fellowship. […]

Peace vigil in Broome County, New York

Love Peace? Electronically Organize Now!

By Jack Gilroy, April 29, 2020 Dr Martin Luther King said: “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” As biomedical teams around the world organize to find a vaccine for Covid19, peace makers have […]

Rivera Sun

Four Reasons To Ditch The Draft

By Rivera Sun, April 26, 2020 There’s a bill before congress to expand the military draft to women. It’s a terrible idea. Here are four reasons why: It’s not about “equality.” Some say drafting women is only fair; after all, […]