WBW News & Action: They’re Coming for Our Mountains

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The flowers are in bloom in the mountain pastures of Sinjajevina. And the U.S. military is on its way right now to trample them and practice destroying things. Click here to help.

Would you like to help the movement to abolish war and get an incredible deal on a vacation, sports tickets, books, wine, musical instruments, artwork, dinner, or other items? Bid for peace!

We are now accepting nominations for War Abolisher of 2023.

We are planning a second-annual 24-hour peacewave on July 8-9, 2023. Propose an event to include, or sign up to watch.

Join the online course on Leaving WWII Behind.


Check out all the upcoming book clubs. Sign up for one with time to receive the signed book and read it!

Wisconsin is working to prevent World War III.

The Berlin Chapter for World BEYOND War is based at the Coop Anti-War Cafe. Visit if you’re in Berlin!


We’ve made available on our website PDF versions in many languages of:


May 19 in Hiroshima: Stand for Peace During G7

May 31 in Ottawa: Protest CANSEC


Reimagining Peace & Security in Latin America and the Caribbean Webinar Series

Webinar Series on Latin America.

May 16: Foreign Bases

May 18: Uniting for Peace

May 18: Demilitarizing Police.

May 21: India’s G20.

June 1: Neutrality.

July 1: Cómo iniciar un capítulo de WBW en América Latina.


Warheads to Windmills

The Pacific


Demilitarizing Security

All past webinar videos.

Yesterday in Toronto.

News from Around the World:

Quick Quiz: Mapping Militarism 2023

Ending War on Earth in Illinois (Or Any Other Locality)

Saying No to War

New & Free Publication: “Peacebuilding Practice: A Textbook for Practitioners”

Fueling a War in Silence: Canada’s Role in the Yemeni War

Militaries Are Driving the Climate Crisis

At Least 32% of U.S. Mass Shooters Were Trained to Shoot by the U.S. Military

But How Can I Help the Canadian Military?

Nonviolent Journalism: A Conversation on How to Do It

Talk World Radio: James Bamford on Israelgate and Nordstream

Facts Change Americans’ Beliefs About the Actual Risks of Terrorism

UN Failure in Sudan

A Tribute to Daniel Ellsberg

We Need Food Bombs, Not Nuclear Bombs

Japan Must Oppose Nuclear Weapons — Why Do We Even Have to Ask?

How Jackson State University Fits within the Construct of the Vietnam Era and the U.S. Peace Movement

Join Me in New York with the Golden Rule

War and Murder Since Vietnam

Can the U.S. Adjust Sensibly to a Multipolar World?

Why New Zealand Should Abolish Its Military

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Rosa Addario, Kathy Kelly

Capítulo Chile WBW: Entrevista a Gabriel Aguirre Organizador América Latina

Moving Forward to Protect the Oceans

Talk World Radio: Why We Need Nonviolent Journalism

Make Your Town a Nuclear-Free Zone

While Lockheed Martin Shareholders Met Online, Residents of Collingwood, Canada Protested Their Fighter Jets

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