“WI vs WW3” — Wisconsin Against World War Three

Photo by Paul McMahon, Madison Veterans For Peace, Chapter 25

By World BEYOND War, May 8, 2023


On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the Madison for a World BEYOND War chapter took part in the “WI vs WW3” demonstration at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin to oppose current U.S. foreign policy towards Russia and China, which puts us firmly on the path to global conflict. A third world war pitting the U.S. against Russia and/or China is expected to feature the use of nuclear weapons, which is well understood to mean the deaths of billions of people.

WI vs WW3 is a “big-tent” organization, which includes representatives from the People’s Party, the Libertarian Party, the Milwaukee End The Wars Coalition, and various other organizations. The organizers do not believe that this is the time to “gatekeep” the peace movement; no other issues matter if we fail to avoid World War Three. What unites us is a common belief in ending this chain of escalation before it ends us.

WI vs WW3’s demands are:

1. No more U.S. money or military involvement for war in Ukraine.

2. De-escalate tensions with Russia and negotiate a ceasefire in Ukraine.

3. No military conflict with China over Taiwan or any other issue.

4. Re-enter nuclear non-proliferation and safety agreements.

5. Reallocate excess Pentagon funding to our needs at home.

6. Protect journalists as they inform the public on these issues.

The event included a demonstration at Capitol Square with music by the activist street band, Forward! Marching Band, followed by a march around the Capitol Square, stopping at the office of Senator Tammy Baldwin to call on her and all of Wisconsin’s elected representatives to act in the interest of our survival.

Photo by Paul McMahon, Madison Veterans For Peace, Chapter 25
Photo by Paul McMahon, Madison Veterans For Peace, Chapter 25

3 Responses

  1. thanks, Brad. I did not go because I had promised a friend ro help set up for a big plant sale-over a month ago. Wish I could have gone. I agree with all of the points.

  2. Yes, 100% agreed. More people and more anti war groups should speak up like this all over North America and around the world. I don’t live in Wisconsin but I support you. Thanks for your effort to save humanity.

  3. At a time when it is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by the number of significant issues not being appropriately addressed by this or past administrations, your public proclamations give hope and provide inspiration. We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of silence, of ignoring the many wrongs being perpetrated by our Congress and this (and past) administrations around the globe. If ever there is to be the possibility of creating a broad understanding that diplomacy must be a priority, that diplomatic relations based on a full understanding and considerate response to the concerns of others need not exclude our own. Our ‘leaders’ must be those who not only understand this, but make it a practice in all their endeavors both public and private. We can no longer afford to ignore the character of those we even consider as candidates. The ‘me first’ has penetrated every institution, every aspect of our lives. This must be replaced by doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

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