WBW News & Action: Mapping Militarism 2022

By World BEYOND War, May 2, 2022

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There are wars in dozens of countries, and in each of them, as in Ukraine, the victims’ stories are horrifying, and the crimes committed — including the crime of war — the most extreme outrages. World BEYOND War has just released the 2022 update of our Mapping Militarism resource.

From April 21st to 28th, crowds and small groups of people in locations around the world have brought petitions, banners, and protests to the offices of the world’s largest weapons dealer, Lockheed Martin. See reports, videos, photos.

WBW Vice President Liz Remmerswaal with the Cuban Ambassador to New Zealand, and — at right — the Deputy Head of Mission of the Irish Embassy in New Zealand.

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News from Around the World:

We Cannot Adequately Resist Without Reimagining the World We Want

Russia, Israel and the Media

Drone Resisters’ Charges Dismissed “In The Interests of Justice”

Chicago Should Divest from Weapons Manufacturers

We Need to Talk about How to End War for Good

Our Deeply Subconscious Magical Thinking

It is Taking DOD Nine Years to Replace Underground Jet Fuel Tanks in Washington State!

How to Divest. In the Town of Wall Street, Applaud the NYC Comptroller Brad Lander, the NYC Council and Amalgamated Bank.

How Could the U.S. Help to Bring Peace to Ukraine?

The Trial of Kenneth Mayers and Tarak Kauff: Day 3

A Nordic Initiative for Peace in Ukraine and Lasting World Peace

“Stop Lockheed Martin” Action in Komaki City, Japan

We Fixed Your Ad for You, Lockheed Martin. You’re Welcome.

The Trial of Kenneth Mayers and Tarak Kauff: Day 2

Talk World Radio: Marjorie Cohn on the Rule of Law and Ukraine

Nuclear Proliferation is Not the Answer to Russian Aggression

Time to Reclaim Remembrance

VIDEO: Sandy and Nora’s Antiwar Roundtable

Costa Rica Is Not Real

Lockheed Martin, Warmonger! / Lockheed Martin, belliciste ! 

The Trial of Kenneth Mayers and Tarak Kauff: Day 1

This Anzac Day Let’s Honour the Dead by Ending War

Does Commemorating War Really Promote Peace?

We Helped These Eight People Escape Afghanistan

KiwiSaver Should Quit Weapons Industry

VIDEO: Kathy Kelly on Ukraine

Peace School Opens in Victoria B.C.

Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin kicks off with Protest & Petition Delivery at Lockheed Martin HQ during its Annual General Meeting

Yemen War Powers Coalition Letter

VIDEO: Ukraine: Stop the Carnage, Build the Peace!

The Problems With Prosecuting Putin

Talk World Radio: Arthur Kanegis on Being a World Citizen

Statement of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement Against Perpetuation of War

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