VIDEO: Sandy and Nora’s Antiwar Roundtable

By World BEYOND War, April 25, 2022

Rachel Small, World BEYOND War’s Canada Organizer, was pleased to join Krisna Saravanamuttu, former Steering Committee Member at Canadian Peace Alliance, for an antiwar discussion hosted by Sandy Hudson and Nora Loreto of the Sandy & Nora podcast.

Topics include:
  • What is the state of imperialism today? How have the US, its allies, and NATO contributed to the current crisis?
  • What are the prospects for an anti-war movement to emerge? What lessons can we draw from past movements?
  • What is the link between anti-war struggles and national liberation struggles? In Palestine, Tamil Eelam, and elsewhere?
  • What does this mean for Ukraine? What could activists do today to begin re-building the antiwar movement?
Watch the livestream here:

The two helpful documents Sandy prepared and presents at the end of the discussion to support people in hosting anti war meetings in their communities are available here:

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