Video: The Arrest of Meng Wanzhou & the New Cold War on China

By World BEYOND War, March 7, 2021

Hearings in the extradition trial of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, resumed on March 1. Her arrest was a colossal blunder by the Trudeau Government, motivated by Trump’s political, economic, and security ambitions to create a new cold war with China. We held a panel on the same day featuring panelists who discussed the alarming rise of Sinophobia and anti-Chinese rhetoric in Canada and the likelihood that Huawei will be illegally banned from participation in Canada’s 5G network.

Speakers included:

—Radhika Desai – Professor at the Department of Political Studies, and Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group, University of Manitoba. She is also serving a third term as President of the Society for Socialist Studies.
—William Ging Wee Dere – Documentary filmmaker and author of “Being Chinese in Canada, The Struggle for Identity, Redress and Belonging” winner of the 2020 Blue Metropolis/Conseil des arts de Montréal Diversity Prize. Anti-imperialist organizer and a leading activist in the movement for redress of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act.
—Justin Podur – Author of several books including America’s Wars on Democracy in Rwanda and the DR Congo, Siegebreakers, and Haiti’s New Dictatorship. He writes for the Independent Media Institute’s Globetrotter project and runs a podcast called the Anti-Empire Project. He is an Associate Professor at York University’s Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.
—John Ross – Senior Fellow, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University, Beijing; economic advisor to former Mayor Ken Livingstone of London, UK.

This event included simultaneous translation in French and Mandarin.

This event was organized by the Cross-Canada Campaign to FREE MENG WANZHOU. Canada Files was the official media sponsor.

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  1. Blunder is only the half of it. Trudeau’s government is showing its naivete, inexperience, incompetence and gross negligence in this matter. Trudeau keeps stating that it is a judicial matter and the government has no control over it. That is utter nonsense. The truth is Trudeau is playing judicial checkers while both the US and China are playing political chess. Canada is outmatched and outgunned. Ms. Meng should have been immediately placed on the next flight out of the country instead of being clapped in irons by the RCMP. Canada was set up by the US for a prat fall and it stumbled head first into it. Now all the crying to the US by Trudeau is not going to free two Canadians who are paying the price in Chinese jails for Canada’s stupidity! With Friends like America, Canada doesn’t need any enemies.

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