VIDEO from Pace e Bene: Divest From Violence & Reinvest In a Just World

By Pace e Bene, May 22, 2022

Greta Zarro (World BEYOND War)
Shea Leibow (CODEPINK)
Gracie Brett (Divest Ed)
Rivera Sun (Campaign Nonviolence)
Shaina Jones (Campaign Nonviolence)

Campaign Nonviolence Action Days, Sept 21-Oct 2:
World BEYOND War:
Divest Ed:
ICAN: and

Divestment Toolkits, Databases & More:
World BEYOND War’s Divestment Campaign (toolkits, sample resolutions, campaign spotlights, and more):

Charlottesville, VA Divestment Campaign:

Divest From The War Machine:

As You Sow (Database for finding out if your city/university/other is invested in weapons, fossil fuels, etc.):

Harvard Reinvestment Report:

Reinvestment Webinar with CODEPINK and WBW:

Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Resources:

Stop the Money Pipeline:

Just Transition Framework:

Who Has (Or Hasn’t) Ratified the ICAN Nuke Ban Treaty?

About Shareholder Resolutions & Shareholder Engagement:

Campaign Nonviolence’s “Nonviolence Means … Posters”, including the one about building windmills not weapons and one about divestment. You can find them and download them here:

Street Theater Against Weapons Industry: There’s an amazing example of street theater from the recent Stop Lockheed Martin day of action – see this page and look at the Korea example:

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