VIDEO: Engaging Youth in Countering Militarism

By World Peace Foundation at The Fletcher School, June 5, 2022

Despite state commitments to upholding the protection of human rights and international humanitarian law, the outbreak of war or conflict has little or no restraining effect on US, UK, or French exports – even when blatant violations of human rights and humanitarian law are documented. This is the key finding of a series of three seminal reports published last month by the World Peace Foundation’s program, “Defense Industries, Foreign Policy, and Armed Conflict,” funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

In this panel, we explore how activists might leverage these insights to advocate for change. Our speakers, activists from youth-led organizations, will address how activists on the ground can work together to hold their states accountable for arms exports to conflict areas.


Ruth Rohde, Founder & Manager, Corruption Tracker

Alice Privey, Research & Events Officer, Stop Fueling War

Mélina Villeneuve, Research Director, Demilitarise Education

Greta Zarro, Organzing Director, World BEYOND War

B. Arneson, Outreach Coordinator World Peace Foundation, “Defense industries, Foreign Policy and Armed Conflict.”

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