The Pentagon Mafia in Sicily

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  1. The Russian thrusted president Reagan with non proliferation treaty and in return for Gorbachev non proliferation the Americans promised they will not expand in to Eastern Europe and now the Russians are defending their own borders because the americans with nato broke the treaty several times. Bottom line is the american people are ok. but the american international companies backed by the most powerful army that ever existed are the one making all the trouble. The American nation should understand the bayonet is not the solution any where in the world, and if they do not understand they will fail under their own weight.

  2. Thanks Ercole – the conflict over the Ukraine is front and center right now, providing a great opportunity for all of us to learn a little history and understand how the root causes operate to perpetuate and escalate the conflict. More on this issue in the section of “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” dealing with the need to dismantle military alliances:

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