Sinjajevina Prepares for Annual Celebration and Ongoing Resistance

By Tim Pluta, World BEYOND War, July 10, 2023

The outhouses are up and functioning, our tents are pitched, and there is a warm fire going on a cool night in the mountains of Sinjajevina in Montenegro.

The local organizers of the Save Sinjajevina Campaign have already been working long hot days, purchasing sleeping bags, tents, sleeping pads, food, and other supplies, organizing transportation and pick ups, and readying their mountain camp for the supporters that will be arriving in 4 days to celebrate St Peters Day.

Along with paying their respects to St. Peter, they will also bring attention to the reality that somewhere, members of NATO are attempting to devise yet another plan to turn the mountains of Sinjajevina into a practice bombing range despite the fact that a corner of it would be a part of a UNESCO reserve, the people living there have been doing so in complete balance with nature for 400 years, and, oh yes, NATO does not have their permission.

While the limit of visitors had been set at 50, organizers suspect that last minute folks just showing up might result in as many as 70 people at the celebration.

On this  cloudless night, with a campfire blazing, resting after 2 days and nights of preparation, tenacity comes to mind. On the one hand the tenacity of NATO to do whatever it takes to keep the military industrial complex alive, strong, and killing people. On the other hand, the tenacity of residents and supporters of Sinjajevina, gathering together as a functioning, nonviolent international community, resisting the fanatical efforts of NATO to maintain life-support for the dying and obsolete concept that war is somehow a good idea.

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