Peace Education and Action for Impact Programme

By World BEYOND War, May 21, 2021

Peace Education and Action for Impact is a new initiative developed by World BEYOND War in collaboration with the Rotary Action Group for Peace. This project is aimed at preparing young peacebuilders to advance positive change in themselves, their communities, and beyond. The project will start in September 2021 and span 3 and a half months. It is built around six-weeks of online peace education followed by eight-weeks of peace project mentoring and will involve intergenerational collaboration and cross-cultural learning across the Global North and South.

To apply or to learn more, contact World BEYOND War Education Director Phill Gittins at phill AT

Video by Arzu Alpagut, Rotarian, Turkey.


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  1. Peace education is crucial. In France there is a museum dedicated to peace education, it is in Verdun sur Marne, where the American cemeteries are. Children learn in front of a line of TV stations, what is war, what is peace, what is th United Nations…they can do drawings, see different wars and Peacemaking. Every day buses bring different classes there, there are also art exhibits on war and Peace.

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