No to International Fleet Review in Jeju

No to International Fleet Review in Jeju

From Save Jeju Now, July 12, 2018

We absolutely oppose international fleet review in Jeju!

On March 30, this year, Gangjeong villagers have already expressed their strong opposition against International Fleet Review in Jeju navy base in coming October 10 (Wed.) to 14 (Sun). The navy who lies to people that they would not hold the review in Jeju navy base if villagers oppose to it, has not given up its desire to hold the review in Jeju navy base. It is not 100% ceratin yet on the venue of it. (It could be Jeju or Busan or somewhere else). But we expect the navy would make public on the venue sooner or later.

What we would see in the ‘review’ will be a parade/show of warships and weapons including US nuclear aircraft carrier/submarine. The navy is planning to invite 70 nations including 17 NATO member countries. The ‘review’ would not only waste people’ s tax (planned of around 3million USD) but instigate war culture. Above all, it will be very likely that Jeju navy base would be nailed both nominally and virtually as a strategic war base. That already contradicts with the spirits of non-nuclearization of Korean peninsula and peace & disarmament shown in April 27 inter-Korean Summit meeting. We oppose international fleet review to be held in any place of Korea, too.

Former vice-mayor Go Gwon-il concerns about, saying “For tens of warships and fighter planes to line up, they may need all ports of Seogwipo area (wider area than Gangjeong village). The navy intends to expand its facilities into Seogwipo area.” ( )

Don't Send Warships to Jeju

Here are lists of nations that South Korea navy plans to invite. Please say your government to refuse ROK navy/ government’s invitation to international fleet revie in Jeju or somewhere else in Korea. Please remind them April 27 Inter-Korean Summit meeting: Non-nuclearization of Korean peninsula. Peace and disarmament!

Asia(20) Japan, China, Indonesia, India*, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh*, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Singapore,, Pakistan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

Middle East(8) Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar

Europe(20) Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom*, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary

America(9) Mexico*, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Peru*

Oceania(4) New Zealand, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Australia

Africa(8) Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Egypt, Djibouti, Kenya

(Image: Text on the ROK navy image on 2015 inetrnational fleet review in Busan)

69 Countries Planned to Be Invited for 2018 ROK Naval Review

#NoWar2019 Pathways to Peace conference in Limerick, Ireland October 5-6 2019

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