NATO Troops Arrived Last Night on the Mountains We’re Trying to Protect from Them

By World BEYOND War, February 3, 2023

The people of Montenegro, led by the Save Sinjajevina campaign, have done everything people can do to prevent atrocities in so-called democracies. They’ve won over public opinion. They’ve elected officials promising to protect their mountains. They’ve lobbied, organized public protests, and made themselves into human shields. They show no signs of planning to give up, much less to believe the UK’s official position that this mountain destruction is environmentalism, while NATO has been threatening to use Sinjajevina for war training in May 2023!

Last night, 250 NATO soldiers arrived in Sinjajevina. They claim that they will do no artillery shooting, just alpinistic exercises.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazovic had promised on television two weeks ago that there would not be any military activities in Sinjajevina. He’s broken another promise.

Six members of Save Sinjajevina are now in place where they had a large resistance camp in 2020. Despite temperatures of -10ºC they are organizing a nonviolent resistance effort yet again.

The place where the people are gathering is called Margita. They have celebrated the anniversary of their resistance at that spot. They have engraved on a rock there with golden letters a phrase of legend dedicating it to resistance.

Video of helicopter:

Video of Unwelcome notice in the snow:

For background information, a petition to sign, a form to donate, and more photos and videos, go to

Photos of the NATO troops are on this page:

20 Responses

  1. Again and again and again let’s all keep saying

    NO WAR!!!!!!

    We stand for LIFE! We want to have all people assured of their right to LIVE.
    We all can notice: LIVE spelled backwards is EVIL

  2. Nonviolent resistance is our strength in defending our earth from militarism and war! Best wishes for the defenders of Sinjajevina and around the world.

  3. Hey, dammit. No military exercises in Montenegro! There needs to be a world-wide time out from warmongering. Emphasis should be on Diplomacy and Peace. Enough nonsense.

  4. sono di Trieste, città che in base al diritto internazionale DOVREBBE essere smilitarizzata e neutrale, e solidarizzo con voi; l’ingresso del Montenegro nella Nato avrebbe dovuto essere evitato

  5. Sinjajevina (Montenegrin: Сињајевина, pronounced [sǐɲajɛʋina]) is an ancient international heritage site not appropriate to war-gaming. This is a high mountain plateau – plain with a unique biodiversity that has coevolved with pastoralism through millennia. It hosts some of the most outstanding alpine landscapes in Europe.

    Sinjajevina ( monténégrin : Сињајевина , prononcé [sǐɲajɛʋina] ) est un ancien site du patrimoine international qui ne convient pas aux jeux de guerre. Il s’agit d’un plateau de haute montagne – plaine avec une biodiversité unique qui a co-évolué avec le pastoralisme à travers des millénaires. Il abrite certains des paysages alpins les plus remarquables d’Europe.

  6. NATO is preparing to continue its long-term war against Russia, hoping to smash the country, plunder its ressources and expropriate its habitants.
    We have to foil this – and to prevent an US-NATO nuclear war on Europe.

    1. What about Russia’s war on Ukraine?Come spend a week with me and my family, the ones who are still alive and then tell me about NATO’s war on Russia. Please explain your comment then. We should ALL be free from war

      1. You are mistaken, that is faschist-corrupt-misled Ukraineans war, i.e. NATO proxy war against Russia and Russian culture living in Ukraine. Please do not ask for sympathy with a people that is trying to destroy a neighbourhood country, exterminate a culture and has been murdering Russian population for more than a decade. NATO is an evil organisation financed by European descent criminal capitalists in order to plunder our precious 🌎.

  7. Struggle Greetings!!

    Please forward videos, stills, audio, and links for recording or to rebroadcast your presentations, demonstrations, rallys. and events. So far, we produce 1/2 hour multiple episodes.

    We are All Volunteer Collective of
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  8. Capitalism in its neo-liberalist form has combined with and encouraged nationalist extremism. NO nation on earth is immune, including the totalitarian States. Time to dismantle the current world economic structure AND xenophobia fueling the wanna-be empires.

  9. I agree Henri Unfortunately this war seems only to escalate,
    as does the propaganda on both sides The only benefactors are the manufacturers of armament and the oligarchs who are enriching themselves in the US as well as Russia.

  10. The former Yugoslavia has followed a neutral and independent position among the two blocks during cold war. As a Yugoslavian citizen I ask all brothers and sisters in the former YU to stand for peace, neutrality and independence from any military pact or alliance. NATO is an agressor alliance and has no place in MNE !!

  11. Alle Waffenwerber empfinde ich als eine Katastrophe für die Welt. Sie sollen alle an eine unbelebte Stelle gehen und dort alle Waffen gleichzeitig hochgehen lassen. Wer übrig bleibt darf sich seine Orden selber malen.

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