Militarizing the Sky: Opposing Canada’s Armed Drone Purchase

By World BEYOND War, September 18, 2022

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 1 PM ET, World BEYOND War co-hosted and participated in a panel and Q&A on Canada’s proposed armed drone purchase. The Canadian military is currently picking a contender for up to 5 billion CAD worth of armed drones. Participants joined experts in the field to learn & speak out against the government’s attempt to purchase and deploy a fleet of armed drones under our noses. #NoArmedDrones.


Dr. Samer Abdelnour, academic and activist

Maya Garfinkel, World BEYOND War

Azeezah Kanji, legal academic and writer

Kathy Kelly, peace activist, Ban Killer Drones and WBW Board President

Tim McSorley, International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group


Bianca Mugyenyi, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute



Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

World BEYOND War

Just Peace Advocates


One Response

  1. Militarizing the Sky- re CANADA
    When this issue surfaced- I was shocked that Canada- previously known for using it’s military on Peacekeeping Mission is NOW so dominated by USA pressure.
    I also recognize that military weaponry is a HUGE GLOBAL Industry.
    This is a very sad/ and useless, and BACKWARDS idea for the 21thCentury.

    Jobs are essential- I agree. However, we can CREATE JOBS -Without- manufacturing or buying from our neighbor- Military Weapons
    EG For the benefit of Canada and the world- the North needs a great deal of constuctive attention- permanent frost melting is a huge ISSUE . Also, Laws for protection of the Artic for development which threatens Human Life on Earth.
    Just to name a few

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