Internet Party Event: #AntiSpyBill IV: Nobel Peace Prize nominee David Swanson

Streamed live on Sep 3, 2017

Full unedited stream of #AntiSpyBill IV. One of the greatest anti-war activists of all time, David Swanson, interviewed by Internet Party Leader Suzie Dawson. World renowned author, radio show host, activist and Charlottesville, Virginia resident David Swanson, who is also the Campaign Coordinator for Roots Action, and a Director of World Beyond War, will talking about the importance of taking a stand against war, armaments, nuclear weapons, the fossil fuel industry and other major threats to our peoples and planet. Event press release:… Join us in real time as we work to #UpdateNZ and #nzpol, Internet Party style. Authorised by J. Booth, 40 Hartford Cres., Upper Hutt 5018.

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