Video: Ajamu Baraka on Race and International Relations

By World BEYOND War, July 4, 2020 Call hosted in Iran by World BEYOND War Board Member Foad Izadi:

Some People in The Villages Oppose Racism and Violence

  By World BEYOND War and Veterans For Peace, June 30, 2020 While a presidential retweet has used a video from The Villages in Florida to stir up more trouble, two organizations based in The Villages, with large memberships there, […]

Rent Strike graffiti

Seize The Time Or Face Fascism

By Riva Enteen, June 24, 2020 From Black Agenda Report Either we seize the time and bring power to the people, or we must be prepared to face overt fascism. “We are living in a perfect storm.” As a red […]

David Swanson at the International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases, Dublin 2018

1+1 Ep 18 Yuri interviews David Swanson of World Beyond War & Talk Nation Radio on WWI,WWII,& more

By World BEYOND War, June 21, 2020  

Rayshard Brooks

Defunding “Justified” Murder

By Robert Koehler, June 20, 2020 Well, he deserved to die, didn’t he? He fought, he ran, he grabbed the cop’s taser and fired it. And he was intoxicated, apparently. And he was blocking traffic. “If an officer is hit […]

Jake Johnston on Talk Nation Radio

Talk Nation Radio: Jake Johnston on the Coup in Bolivia and U.S. Media

Jake Johnston is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. His research has focused predominantly on economic policy in Latin America, the International Monetary Fund, and U.S. foreign policy. Jake Johnston co-authored […]

Martin Luther King speaking

Time to Act on Dr King’s Call to Tackle Evils of Racism, Economic Exploitation, and War

By Alice Slater, June 17, 2020 From InDepth News The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) just issued its 2020 Yearbook, reporting on developments in armaments, disarmament, and international security. In light of the drumbeat of frightening news about growing hostility between the […] – A World BEYOND War: Perspectives from a Peace Activist

From MuslimNetwork TV, June 8,  2020

Video: Watch David Swanson debate a Trump Supporter about Black Lives

By World BEYOND War, June 5, 2020 Also view here.

The U.S. Military Should Stop Training Police and Stick to Slaughtering Innocent Foreigners

Photo by Richard Grant, @richardgrant88 By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 3, 2020 Here’s what should happen now, judging by what I see on social and other media. The U.S. Military and the National Guard and other war-making outfits […]