Global Conference Against Military Bases Held at Guantanamo Cuba

By Gabriel Aguirre, World BEYOND War, May 8, 2024
Guantanamo Cuba is occupied by an illegal U.S. military base. The VIII International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of military bases abroad, successfully concluded its activities, with a visit to the Caimanera municipality of the Province of Guantánamo, a town that is affected by the illegal occupation of the bay by of the United States.
Those invited to the Seminar were able to appreciate the extensive territory in which the military base is located, and whose environment is rich in natural resources, mainly fishing, that should be used for the economic and social development of those who live there.
To close the event, the final declaration of the event was read from the main square of the Caimanera municipality, in which a call was made to defend Peace, reject war, militarism, and arms.
Likewise, the children of Cuba launched an exciting message of solidarity with the children in Palestine, to ask that the genocide be stopped and the children in Gaza be allowed to exist and build their future in a world of greater humanity and social justice.

3 Responses

  1. The Cuban Revolution started in 1959. I witnsessed it from 1963-65 and wrote about it in “When the Revolutionw Was Young” . It saddens me that this wonderful people is still treated as a paraia by the international community.

  2. Message to the American government: Get out! You are not wanted in Guantanamo or any other place in Cuba. The people have spoken. The town folk of Caimanera especially want to see you gone. You are contributing nothing positive to this world wherever you are. Your dangerous game is obvious to much of the global populations. You are not welcomed here. Please leave! Go home!

  3. Please American leaders instead of this mindset of neverending war why dont you look after your own people properly, instead of interfering in other countries all the time.

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