Empty Dream

By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, June 11, 2020

I see rains of hatred pounding the face of juba

Socialists and mongers breakfasting human delicacies

Political drunkards lolling feeble voters to night mares and empty dreams

New born democrats buried without traces of memory under the hot hard granite of politics

Souls drooping in misery

When will sunlight cast blessings to these cemeteries?

Green lives decomposing in concrete corridors of history

The feet of history dragged in this grief laden earth.

2 Responses

  1. Brother leader David Swanson . I want to thank you profoundly for giving my poetry space on your globally reputable website. Iam greatly encouraged as this continues to grow myself , my career and my confidence to remain a poet . It also helps to share my experiences , my ideas and my literary writings to the world . Cde brother leader David Swanson ,Iam humbled by your noble CAUSE in speaking against WAR and as you and your esteemed team of comrades flexes consciences to preserve and build peace in this our world that is being ravaged , political violence , lack of tolerance , war lordism and mass suffering . You are greatly valued and your good work is greatly appreciated. Iam very much excited to join in with my poetry and Iam happy to contribute to this CAUSE and Together we rise , Yours Sincerely ,MBIZO CHIRASHA.

  2. Great poem brother!!Not pessimistic,but Realistic!!Regrettably,what humans have done to humans,down through the ages,today and tomorrow,is extremely sad,but real…l truly think this is the way it will always be…in “mastering”our little planet,we have changed the environment,the creatures,and fought amongst ourselves…this is what domination requires,especially since power has been constricted to a few;all we can do is help,contribute at the micro level toward good causes,and hope it will add to future efforts.In the end,if it’s not a happy go lucky very large stray meteor that “meets” our planet,it will be us that will end it all…take care,keep writing!!

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