By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 2, 2020


Grandma’s sweat bathes the statehouse tarmacs,
Poverty shaved fathers are the glitter that replaced floodlights and stolen lampposts
Brother is the anointed fisherman catching political breams for the presidential roast
Ideological tutored memes sing praise anthems………..patronized
Singing praises to the republic’s red-carpet ……..they never stepped on.
Protocol relegates them to the ragged edges of the republic,
Mother’s tears rinse dishes after daily dictator’s banquets,
August is a museum of spent cartridge that shat death on sister’s womb, ……………..she birthed death.
Sister and her bullet shredded fetus are now
snoring sorrow under the rubble of elections cemetery.
January swallowed its conscience and munched grenade for dinner November drizzled both waterfalls of blood and threads of hesitant laughter’s
…………… Nights of long knives …………
November drizzle birthed another tyrant.
November! November! You are dictator.
Autocrat’s robes immersed in blood gems of Katanga.
The African moon
archived that in RED CAPITAL LETTERS.
Hermits and slogan slingers donning dictator’s emblazoned doeks,
jabbing the corrupt foul wind with pseudo–revolutionary jives dancing
for the gwamandaizing, glutton, gobbling globetrotting gold cartels trendsetter.
Kitchen cabinet frying small fish in autocratic pans and then enjoy
the delicacies during dictator’s concert under the guise of shadows
……….ooh crocodile games. Grandma snores under the hill of villages packed like sardine until next ballot quadratics.
March, foot prints of dictators are scribbled all over the republic’s
red carpet. April ,autocrats’ fingerprints are the signature of
diamond cartels. May, tyrant’s thumbprint decorates the ragged bank
June, lyrics on your doek are his campaign slogan.
Still grandma’s sweat bathes the statehouse tarmacs.
Mother’s tears rinse dishes after daily dictator’s banquets,

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