Demons Grazing

By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, June 14, 2020


Democracy does not heal the syphilis of apartheid It never healed the hepatitis of racism
It is the ritual of the governed to govern
though they remain governed
Democracy, a word of the corrupted learned Democracy, a fart of the bullet
signature of ballot
sting of the scorpion
Blood boiling stomachs of Darfur
Darfur you smell Nagasaki
Blood frothing hard rocky buttocks of Congo
Congo you sting Baghdad
Hunger pornographing breasts in Somalia
ministers dangling bellies
Poetry scattered in slums and ghettos
Word stitched between bullet and ballot
Grammar punctuated between slogan and vulgar
Democracy an oxymoron of Abacha’s machete and madiba’ bible
Hyperbole of Guantanamo bay and Robin Island

Freedom unearthed from apartheid intestines
A legacy that carried sorrows since the days of yelping baboons
and yapping dogs
Monrovia blooming legumes of blood in superstitions
of blood harvesting
Crocodiles basking in the east of political comfort zones
Afghan with the heart burn for freedom
Baboons laughing other baboons in political forests
Politicians crushing poverty under their feet
Polishing streets with the glitz of robots and rainbow sweet talk.

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