There is already more Peace in the World than War

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It is valuable to remember that the US national capital — Washington, DC — is generally thought to be at its most beautiful during the season of the blossoming of cherry trees presented as a gift by the government of Japan (the WWII warfare between the US and Japan notwithstanding). (Image: Library of Congress)

The twentieth century was a time of monstrous wars, yet most nations did not fight other nations most of the time. The U.S. fought Germany for six years, but was at peace with the country for ninety-four years; the war with Japan lasted four years, the two countries were at peace for ninety-six. The U.S. has not fought Canada since 1815, and has never fought Sweden, France, Brazil, etc. Guatemala has never fought France. The truth is that most of the world lives without war most of the time. In fact, since 1993, the incidence of interstate warfare has been declining.note1 At the same time, we acknowledge the changing nature of warfare as discussed previously.

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1. A comprehensive work on the decline of warfare: Goldstein, Joshua S. 2011. Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide.(return to main article)

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