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An Appeal for Peace from Czechia

A former chairperson of the UN General Assembly and an ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechia launch an appeal for peace in Ukraine. #WorldBEYONDWar Václav Hořejší, Jan Kavan, Matěj Stropnický.

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Culture of Peace

Beyond Vietnam and Into Today

Martin Luther King Jr.’s most important speech came exactly one year before his assassination. This MLK Day, give it a listen and some thought. #WorldBEYONDWar

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Who Has the Power of War in Australia?

The Parliamentary Inquiry into War Powers heard the pros and cons of a parliamentary vote to go to war versus the status quo, that is, the Prime Minister alone can make the call. #WorldBEYONDWar

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Rivera Sun
Myth of Inevitability

Older Than War

In 3 minutes, Rivera just might change how you think about war. #WorldBEYONDWar

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