World BEYOND War Protests Biden’s Visit to Madison, Wisconsin

By World BEYOND War, April 9, 2024

Madison for a World BEYOND War and allies turned out on Monday to tell President Joe Biden: Stop arming Israel & Ukraine. Relieve student debt and help people and the planet. Ceasefire and negotiate to resolve conflicts.

Stefania Sani, co-coordinator of Madison for a World BEYOND War, explained, “The world’s leading weapons dealer, the U.S. government, should send no more weapons to Ukraine, Israel, or anywhere in the world. We know that these billions of dollars of our tax money are urgently needed for humans and the planet, not for weapons to kill and maim people.”

Here’s video from ABC 27 WKOW:

One Response

  1. What the … is Biden thinking? How can he? Or rather, who’s behind these irrational decisions??

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