Adam Hochschild on Democracy Now

Adam Hochschild on Democracy Now

On Armistice Day, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviewed historian Adam Hochschild, author of To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918 and King Leopold’s Ghost. Adam Hochschild was a co-founder of Mother Jones magazine. His latest book is Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays.

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  1. Fascism appears to be gaining entry into Europe via the back door.
    Despair that Oxford U. gave Bannon, (Trump advisor and whenever possible, Trump manipulator) his invitation., and is loving being able to use his undoubted communication skills in now usurping UK society via the ‘Brexit argument’…. a most potent and divisory entity… if ever there was one….. since the days of Hitler,Stalin, Pol Pot etc etc etc.
    UK Govt and citizen-minded social media could effectively mute Bannon by indicating openly pointing to what he has done to Trump., and then by extension, he turns his attention Europe.
    Whoever are the true backersamd owners of Bannon & crew really are, I won’t profess to know., but I certainly hope that all legally (and democratically) established Authorities throughout Europe will investigate, with some vigour, exactly who is behind Bannon and to publicise openly their findings so that all responsible Authorities can deal effectively with Bannon and his ilk….and hopefully crush any idea of mischief via fascism or any other extremist ideology.

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