World BEYOND War Participates in Fields of Peace “Ignite Circle” Pilot Program

By Charles Busch, Fields of Peace, November 14, 2022

Earlier this year, World BEYOND War partnered with Oregon-based Fields of Peace (FoP) in a unique undertaking called an Ignite Circle.  This international initiative involved participants from WBW’s global network representing Cameroon, India, Kenya, South Sudan, Syria, and the United States (North Carolina).

The initial goal of this program is to gradually bring about equality and justice for indigenous minorities in conflict areas globally with the ultimate objective of achieving FoP’s mission to stop the killing of children in wars.  The facilitator for this six-week pilot was a seasoned educator and peace professional, and the curriculum for this virtual classroom was FoP’s 114-page publication entitled A Promise to Our Children”: A Field Guide to Peace.

The results of this pilot proved quite astonishing with virtually all participants eager to carry and teach the Ignite Circle to others in their respective communities, ultimately seeking to create movements, community by community and country by country, to bring about lasting systemic change through the mounting chorus of voices speaking to their respective leaders – no more violence, no more wars.

More information about Fields of Peace can be found at

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