Why Russia Fears the West

By Jack Gilroy and Quintin Casella, World BEYOND War, October 23, 2023

Get a whole new understanding of what the world has been up to from an 11-minute video.

3 Responses

  1. Somehow that Jack Gilroy has to have his history degree and teaching credentials
    removed. His manipulation of that under-age 30 Mr. Casella has to be recognized
    for what it is. This reading of U.S. history, while accurate, does a disservice to those
    of us who are enjoying the good life because of our wise investments in the weapons
    industry. One percenters of the world, rise up and learn to publicize what I suggest
    here. Then, find out who is the Catholic bishop of the US Diocese where you reside
    and ask him to endorse the Bread Not Stones Bishops’ Sign-on Statement found at (www.paxchristiusa.org)

  2. To continue to spend millions of dollars on weapons for war is an act of idiocy. The more nations strengthen their nuclear ability, the more likely they will be motivated to actualize them. A nuclear war could in all probability end life on earth as we know it.
    Professor Emeritus Harry j Bury

  3. Jack, thank you for your continuing confrontation with the Merchants of Death. Your writing and creative use of symbolic action, video, and social media are bringing much-needed attention to the insanity of militarism and the weapons industry that empowers it.

    The human community must either move toward a radical conversion of consciousness toward active nonviolence, or the ‘human experiment’ on this tiny planet is doomed.

    Thank you for this video message.

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