What the People Have to Say About Weaponizing the World

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, December 6, 2023

The petition at this link is called “No More Weapons Shipments to Ukraine, Israel, or Taiwan.” It’s addressed to the U.S. government and reads : “Stop the weapons shipments, and replace them with diplomacy and a new focus on the human and environmental crises that these wars defund, distract from, and exacerbate.”

People have added the following comments when signing it:

“Please wise up and recognize that this Earth and the life it sustains is the most important thing. Stop fomenting war and relinquish your love of power and your worship of Death.”

“We must stand up for the suffering people of Gaza! [You] are supporting genocide.”

“There is no better time for peace than right now.”

“Clearly this President loves the idea of war and keeping the American ‘merchants of death’ rich and fat. As a nation we need to be looking at negotiating for the end of wars, not to be feeding the flames of war.”

“Absolutely, no more weapons shipments, including airplanes, to Israel. Why would anyone add fuel to this horrific, fiery war? We are not going to end this carnage until we stop the flow of weapons and start dialogue between the powers that be.”

“To the U.S.: Stop being a war monger. Prioritize negotiations.”

“Stop sending money to Israel every year!”

“It’s time to demand an immediate ceasefire to all fighting on both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. There’s no good outcome from arming anyone anywhere anymore! Eastern Ukraine is a great example of our violent policies while more and more people in this country slide into poverty. Enough is enough!”

“Stop this murderous mayhem!”

“The owners of global military industrial complex [are] minting money out of all wars. I wonder what do they need this wealth for, am confused , I suppose they do have means to take it with them in their graves.”

“The more weapons we give to Israel the longer Israel will maintain it’s brutal and illegal occupation. Israel violates International Law and the U.S. is an accessory to [its] crimes. We need Peace, not War.”

“We need peace. Weapons do not promote peace.”

“What the U.S. is promoting is similar to what Europeans did to Aborigines when they colonized America. No consideration for anything. Just say NO to the warfare states!”

“War is obsolete.”

“Yes, there are ‘bad guys’ in the world, but there seem to be more weapons manufacturers and military contractors cashing in on the death and misery we humans are so adept at sowing planet-wide. Stop aiding the killing and destruction, and foster PEACE.”

“Stop the forever wars!”

“End war profiteering. War is not the answer.”


“No more wars!”


“Get money out of politics-weapons mfgrs own government.”

“What kind of moral commitment or stance does the United States have regarding war.  It seems to support, perhaps encourage, war wherever there is an opening.  We must say no to this depravity.”

“No more war. #freefreepalestine”

“Promote peace not war!”

“I’m an concerned American citizen living abroad. This is madness! I voted for Biden to prevent the world war that Trump wanted to start. Now, it seems like Biden will start one instead!”

“I strongly urge you to stop the proliferation of arms in the name of politics. It does not make us safer. We must use diplomacy.”

“The world needs leaders of peace not arms dealers. We are watching the horror we create come back for us!”

“The U.S. has to change its focus from promoting wars to stopping them. No more of our money for wars! Demand negotiations.”

“LET THERE BE PEACE — Humanitarian aid first. No weapons!”

And thousands more.

Is Congress listening?

2 Responses

  1. we are turning into a nation always at war-biden states making weapons is good for the economy-while he says the rosary-our leaders trample daily on the lives of countless millions-worldwide-this must stop–now-we damand it-people are being killed-doent that mean anything to you-there are numerious problems-say food insecurity-here at home-our leaders seem to ignore human needs-just making sure weapons makers get more contracts so bribes-campaign$$$flows to them-biden has two mansions to live in-children are buried in rubble-damn you and your holidays-children buried under rubble-and i say merry christmas???all those who massacre innocents must be held to account-no war ever-peace damn it-peace

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