Webinar: Why Does the Military get a Free Pass to Pollute?

By Veterans For Peace-Chapter 136, World BEYOND War Central Florida, and the Florida Peace & Justice Alliance, November 19, 2021

Why are emissions from the military consistently exempted from international climate agreements, including the 1997 Kyoto treaty and the 2015 Paris Agreement? Larry Gilbert, Vietnam Veteran, former Chief of Police and Mayor of Lewiston Maine, former Federal Marshall, and Co-Coordinator of The Villages Chapter of Veterans For Peace, moderated this discussion on War and the Environment, featuring keynote speaker Gary Butterfield, of the Veterans For Peace National Project Climate Crisis & Militarism.

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  1. Why indeed ?
    We learned at the latest world summit
    that all the world’s militaries are exempt from carbon/methane accounting !
    The US military is the largest single entity for carbon pollution in the world.
    This needs to change !
    Everyone, please keep the pressure up .
    Keep educating our so called leaders !
    Thank you for all that you do !!!

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