Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn

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Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn

Northeastern PA, USA

How did you get involved with World BEYOND War (WBW)?
My husband, George, was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He served two tours and worked with civil engineers on improving living conditions in Vietnam. George died in 2006 after suffering both kidney and liver failure from his exposure to Agent Orange. Were he still with us, George would be a Veteran For Peace. This group brought back many of my husband’s feelings about the senselessness of war. So, I immediately supported it. As I retired from teaching, I continued editing and writing. I then learned about World BEYOND War and read David Swanson’s book War is a Lie. I became passionate about this cause, especially about providing the WBW Peace Almanac to libraries and schools.

What kinds of volunteer activities do you help with?
I truly enjoy writing, editing, doing data entry, and petitioning for World BEYOND War. This is the cause closest to my heart. In every survey I have seen, the largest percentage of American voters, regardless of party, oppose war. Recently, I have become involved with Fair Districts of Luzerne County to ensure that all votes count. Sadly, our state is one of the most gerrymandered in the U.S., but certainly not the only one. Also, here in Luzerne County, I was blessed to spend twenty years working with my father on a Folk Festival celebrating the diversity we all share.

What’s your top recommendation for someone who wants to get involved with WBW?
There is no greater cause. I highly recommend reading David Swanson’s books, and listening to his Talk Nation Radio interviews. Petitions can be downloaded from the website. Making this world a better, safer place for all begins with minds open enough to learn from history that there are always better alternatives than war.

What keeps you inspired/motivated to advocate for change?
Change is crucial to preserving a future for our children, my own grandchildren, and our very planet. I grew up worried that my three younger brothers would be drafted when they turned eighteen as the U.S. had been at war for as many years as we had lived. Fifty-eight thousand from my generation died in Vietnam. Why? The “land of the free” owes more to our youth.

Posted on June 25, 2019.

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