Visual Database Lets You Examine Over 900 U.S. Bases Outside the United States

By World BEYOND War, March 26, 2024

As World BEYOND War is steadily reporting on, the U.S. military is constantly adding more military bases outside the borders of the United States, and sometimes being blocked in its plans, and sometimes being ordered to leave.

With the help of numerous informants around the globe, World BEYOND War is tracking the ever-changing global archipelago of U.S. military outposts with an online tool that allows you to spin the globe, zoom in on a base, and see images and information about it.

We’ve also added new features to this Visual Database. Not only can you examine either a map or a list, but you can also search by country, by government type, by bases’ opening dates, by the number of personnel, by the bases’ sizes in land area, by whether a base is used by NATO, by whether a base is used for drones, by which branches of the U.S. military use a base, by whether a base stores nuclear weapons, and by the way a base is used:

A U.S.-Only Base is used only by U.S. troops, whereas a Co-Base is also used by the military of the host country, and a Training Base is primarily a host-country base but is regularly used by the U.S. military to train the local military.

Our campaign to close bases and get the list — now at 924 — down to zero is here.

The visual database tool is here:







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