Videos from the 24-Hour Peace Wave

By World BEYOND War and International Peace Bureau, June 26, 2022

We held a non-stop 24-hour rolling rally live streaming on a Zoom channel moving west around the Earth from 2 p.m. in England on June 25 to 4 p.m. in Ukraine on June 26. There were videos from protests, demonstrations, vigils, teach-ins, and speakers at their desks. There was music and art. More info here.

3 Responses

  1. A beautiful global, informative, educational collaborative action towards peace and anti-war mongering. If only the leaders of this world would stop succumbing to state capture, and address the real causes of global distress. Sincere gratitude to WBW & IPB, and all participants from each region, who put a lot of effort into their 2 hour presentations. Peace

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