VIDEO: We Are All Peacebuilders – An Act of Kindness Costs Nothing

By Rotary International In Great Britain & Ireland, August 1, 2022

Peacebuilding starts with each one of us and could be as simple as a smile or an act of kindness, or indeed being kind to ourselves. Peace is much more than the absence of war or armed conflict. Peace is freedom, peace is having access to education, clean water, sufficient food, being able to provide for our families, peace is protecting our environment, and peace is giving our children hope for their future and their own voice to shape their tomorrow.

As a humanitarian organisation, Rotary believes that when people take action to address those underlying causes we are working to create peace. Using the 8 Positive Pillars of Peace from the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) at the outset of any service project could help it have an even bigger and more sustainable impact.

Keynote speaker Steve Killelea, IEP Founder and Executive Chairman, was joined by Rotary International Vice President Nicki Scott, Charlie Allen the IEP Director of Partnerships, Phill Gittins from World BEYOND War, and Poppy Murray Founder of BE LADS.

Other Rotarians gave personal short stories of service projects illustrating the wide variety of practical things Rotary and others are doing to address some of those underlying causes of conflict.

Contact Jannine Birtwistle for more information or book her to speak to your group by zoom.

Timings are available below:

00:00 We Are All Peacebuilders intro
01:29 Welcome, admin & programme – Jannine Birtwistle
03:49 Setting the scene – Steve Killelea
09:10 Creating opportunities where peace can happen – Jannine Birtwistle
14:40 Practical & tangible movement for peace – Nicki Scott & Charlie Allen
18:20 That word ‘Peace’ – Joel Weaver asks Steve Killelea
21:00 Positive Peace in Rotary avenues of service – Nicki Scott
22:54 Creating environments where peace can thrive – Nicki Scott
24:32 Why did IEP partner with Rotary – Martina Lastikova asks Steve Killelea
26:45 One seed – Martina Lastikova asks Steve Killelea & Nicki Scott
31:18 Humanitarian Service projects & Positive Peace – Jannine Birtwistle
32:33 The Rotary Foundation – Jannine Birtwistle
33:20 Disease Prevention & Treatment – – Kevin Walsh
38:01 Personal peace and mental health – Darren Hands asks Steve Killelea
41:00 Young people wanting to make a difference – Jannine Birtwistle
41:24 Environment – Rivers To The Sea, It Starts With Me – Joel Weaver
45:15 Community Economic Development – Work-link mentor – Chris Davies
49:48 Maternal & Child Health – Helping Babies Breathe – Michael Fernando
54:29 Water Sanitation & Hygiene – Sol Nepal – Bob Leaper
58:57 Basic Education & Literacy – Centres for 0-5-year-olds in Malawi – Jannine Birtwistle for Peter Doughty
1:04:44 Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention – Peace Poles in action – Niamh Flynn
1:10:07 Simple actions making peace – Martina Lastikova asks Steve Killelea
1:14:17 Practical examples in our own communities – Martina Lastikova asks Nicki Scott & Steve Killelea
1:23:12 Institute for Economics & Peace – Charlie Allen
1:26:00 State of Peace in 2022 – Charlie Allen
1:35:05 The Economic Value of Peace – Charlie Allen
1:38:00 The Benefits of Positive Peace – Charlie Allen
1:42:47 Rotary and IEP Partnership & Community Approach – Charlie Allen
1:48:15 Literacy project in Uganda using Pillars of Positive Peace – Charlie Allen
1:54:20 Get involved with Positive Peace – Charlie Allen
1:55:47 Increasingly Polarised Society – Niamh Flynn askes Steve Killelea
1:58:54 Domestic abuse – Jannine Birtwistle
2:01:36 BE LADS helping making girls and women feel safer – Poppy Murray
2:16:43 Rotary a force for peace and understanding – Vas Vasudev asks Nicki Scott
2:20:38 Lessons from Ukraine – Vika from Borodyanka region near Kyiv asks Steve Killelea
2:24:01 What, why and how of peacebuilding & some areas for improvement – Phill Gittins
2:41:06 Panel session – Charlie Allen, Jannine Birtwistle, Nicki Scott, Phil Gittins, Poppy Murray
2:59:42 Last message from – Charlie Allen, Poppy Murray, Phill Gittins
3:02:45 Martina Lastikova asks Nicki Scott & Steve Killelea for their last message for us all
3:07:10 We are All Peacebuilders

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