Video: Social and Ecological Paths to Peace

By Folk och Fred, October 16, 2023

Following up its participation in the Vienna International Conference on Peace in the Ukraine (June 10th and 11th, 2023) the “Prague Spring II Network against far right extremism and populism”, founded in 2010 in the framework of the European Social Forum, has organized this webinar in order to promote a Universal Disarmament and a political solution to all military conflicts and particularly the war in the Ukraine.

Applying this orientation to our present-day reality of multiple and multipolar crises we could design an action program around our claims for: UNIVERSAL DISARMAMENT FOR A SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION highlighting the needs for a radical reform of the existing structures of the so called “Nation States”. This convergence will also be considered as a contribution to the Assembly of movements of the World Social Forum which is going to take place in February 2024 in Nepal.

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