VIDEO: Petroleum, Ukraine, and Geopolitics: The Backstory

By World BEYOND War – Montreal, November 21, 2022

On November 18, 2022, the Montreal chapter of World BEYOND War hosted John Foster to speak about the role of petroleum in ongoing tensions and rivalries between the United States, Russia and China, that are playing out in the Ukraine War. With Western sanctions distorting markets and forcing up prices worldwide, Europe faces a severe economic crisis. Recent Western countries’ military interventions and sanctions on petroleum countries have failed. In an illustrated talk, including maps and photos, John shares the whole picture, highlighting Ukraine’s role and Canada’s involvement

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  1. I repeat again and again:
    We would have no Ukraine/ Russia war if Ukrainian President Zelensky would not have insisted to break away form the recently formed” Russian Federation”, consisting of about 18 former member republics on the USSR for as long about 70 years. All the other former members of the “Union of Socialist Soviet Republics: became part of the “RUSSIAN FEDERATION ” when Mikhail Gorbachov dissolved the USSR On top of it all, Zelensky wanted to be supported by the anti-Russian military organization , “NATO”. Not Belarus, not Khasakstan , not Armenia, not Tajikistan or any other member republic of the Russian Federation! When will Western politicians stop supporting Zelensky with military equipment (mostly made in the US ) thereby only causing more deaths and destruction?

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