Video: Demilitarising and Transforming Education

By World BEYOND War, February 15, 2023

In this webinar video, participants joined World BEYOND War, Demilitarise Education (dED_UCATION), and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency for a discussion on how to demilitarise education and transform universities for peace.

We heard from three inspiring speakers — Jinsella Kennaway (She/Her), Co-Founder and Executive Director of Demilitarise Education; River Butterworth (They/Them), University of Nottingham (UoN) SU Education Officer and Demilitarise UoN Activist Leader; and Rosie Khan (She/They), Founding Board Member of Women for Weapons Trade Transparency — about how student-led campaigns can help divest and demilitarise universities, and pave the way for an education system that supports a sustainable and local peace economy.

World BEYOND War:

Demilitarise Education:

Women for Weapons Trade Transparency:

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