VIDEO: Canadians Pressure Officials to Stop Supporting Genocide in Gaza

By Ricochet Media, November 22, 2023

World BEYOND War and allies in Toronto rally, protest, and take the warmakers to court.

3 Responses

  1. Red state Americans should be so conscientious, In Oklahoma nothing is happening, nobody seemingly cares. At least I haven’t looked at Craigslist yet…and won’t. A few from OU might be having conversations in their dorm rooms. I beg pardon from anyone in OK who knows different…and I would appreciate a link to any conscious humane activity around this soul-bending tragedy.

  2. Same here you all are accountable? Stop supporting genocide, you are here to serve the community, if you can’t support & stand against crime, then you leaders are in the wrong place, don’t make us believe that you leaders will actually stand with us when you need to take action?? you need to stand against genocide, people will stop believing in you, which has happened in most countries, we will not vote till you guys don’t ceasefire.

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