Toronto World Beyond War

World Beyond War in Toronto is coordinated by Peter Jones who can be reached at pjones [AT] ocadu [DOT] ca

Peter Jones is an associate professor in Design at OCAD University, Toronto where he teaches in two groundbreaking Master of Design programs, Strategic Foresight and Innovation and Design for Health. In both of these programs Peter has developed systemic design and research methods for understanding and addressing the complex sociopolitical systems in late capitalist societies. Peter is co-founder of the Systemic Design Research Network and the Relating Systems Thinking to Design symposia series. He also has engaged several long-standing dialogue series in Toronto, the Design with Dialogue for nearly 10 years, and Unify Toronto, which meet monthly for engaging civil society and creatives in conversations for change, decolonization, and social alternatives.

Peter was a small business (design firm) owner in the U.S. when he decided to move to Canada to protest the Bush wars and the defrauded elections of 2000 and 2004. As an election activist, he co-organized three citizen’s action and forensic research and legal justice groups to contest the 2004 election in Ohio. These groups more than met reasonable burdens of evidentiary proof of systematic fraud. Peter now coordinates design programs and conducts  studies on the healthcare system and practice design, foresight methods in public policy, and social dimensions of flourishing cultures (cultural sustainability).

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