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After a short hiatus, the Toronto WBW chapter officially relaunched on October 22, 2023! Get involved by using the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch or clicking the “Join Chapter Mailing List” button on the right. And make sure to join us on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

About Our Chapter

We’re a new grassroots group of people in the city coming together to do everything we can to resist Canadian militarism and stand in solidarity with everyone in the world harmed by our country and its allies’ violence.

Right now, we’re showing up as hard as we possibly can for an end to violence in Palestine. Every day we’re organizing and supporting weapons blockades, art builds, protests, direct actions, marches, mobilizing crews to put up thousands of posters around the city, and more.

Over the long-haul Toronto World BEYOND War works to educate and mobilize people to advocate for a world beyond war, one based on peace and demilitarization. We provide a platform for education, local activism and advocacy on issues and campaigns such as: implementing a fair and human foreign policy; rolling back Canadian contracts to US and NATO defense for weapons and machinery; cancelling the Toronto air(war) show; divesting our national and corporate funds from weapons; cancelling Canada’s planned purchase of its first armed military drones; solidarity with frontline struggles facing militarized violence; advocating for policies that reallocate war dollars to human and environmental needs; urging our elected officials to end support for NATO and the continuing illegal wars abroad; and much more. Learn more about some of the national campaigns we participate in here.

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