Right now rolling actions across the country are disrupting operations at weapons companies arming Israel.

Want more details? Check out a report back on these 7 actions here.

Join us now to demand Canada stop arming genocide and impose an immediate arms embargo on Israel.
Action Toolkit
Ready to escalate and to take action in-person at a company near you involved in arming Israel?
Check out the map of companies across Canada here. And here's a mini-toolkit to think through taking action.
Urgent Email Action

Send an urgent message: Canada must stop arming genocide and enact a real arms embargo on Israel. Email your Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Defense to demand Canada stop arming Israel's genocidal violence using the tool below.

Phone Zap
We're flooding the phone lines of government reps involved in the Canada-Israel arms trade to demand that Canada stop arming genocide by implementing an immediate and real arms embargo.

   Talking points:

  • As people take action across the country at weapons factories to interrupt the flow of military goods to Israel, I am joining in to demand Canada stop arming Israel and impose an immediate arms embargo.
  • One month ago the International Court of Justice found that there is strong case that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza amounts to genocide and issued emergency orders.
  • Given the ICJ decision, and Canada’s requirements under both international and domestic law, Canada is compelled to prevent Israeli genocide in Gaza and to cease arms exports where they risk being used to perpetrate war crimes.
  • How many more Palestinian children have to die before Canada cuts off the flow of weapons to Israel?

Want to know more about the arms embargo demand? Here’s a Q&A about arms embargoes and the Canada-Israel arms trade.

Phone the following Ministers and MPs:
  1. Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs: 613-992-0983
  2. MP Robert Oliphant, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: 416-467-7275
  3. Hon Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence: 416-261-8613
  4. MP Marie Lalonde, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence: 613-995-1800
Phone the following people within Global Affairs Canada's trade and export controls.
  1. Bruce Christie, Assistant Deputy Minister: 343-203-4120
  2. Aaron Fowler. Assoc. Assistant Deputy Minister: 343-203-4455
  3. Shalini Anand, Director General: 343-203-4201
  4. Simon Flamand-Hubert – Deputy Director, Engagement and Operational Policy – Export Controls Division: 613-406-6920
  5. Patrick Boulanger – Director, Export Controls Policy Division: 343-203-4374
  6. Charles-Marie Matte, Deputy Director- Export Permit Processing & Review; 343-203-4399
  7. Judy Korecky – Deputy Director – Export Controls Policy Division: 613-291-0347
  8. Hasina Haq-Alam, Senior Export Permit Officer: 343-203-4317
  9. Elizabeth Clarke – A/Director – Export Controls Operations: 343-203-4366
  10. Jeffrey Taylor, Senior Trade Policy Advisor – Export Controls Operations Division: 343-203-4320
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