Stop the Arms Trade

Weapons shipments should be blocked, arms fairs closed, blood profits protested, and the business of war made shameful and disreputable. World BEYOND War works to protest, disrupt, and reduce the arms trade.

World BEYOND War is a member of the War Industry Resisters Network, and works with organizations and coalitions around the world on this campaign, including Groups Against Arms Fairs (which we co-founded), CODE PINK, and many others.

Pictured: Rachel Small, World BEYOND War Canada Organizer. Photo credit: the Hamilton Spectator.

In 2023 we protested CANSEC.

In 2022 we gave a War Abolisher Award to Italian dock workers for blocking weapons shipments.

In 2022 we organized, with Groups Against Arms Fairs and other organizations, a global protest of Lockheed Martin.

In 2022 we protested CANSEC.

In 2021 our annual conference focused on opposing weapons fairs.

The latest news on efforts to end weapons dealing:

protesting against CANSEC

Protest Denounces CANSEC Arms Trade Show

World arms manufacturers have been raking in record profits this year thanks to conflicts around the world which have brought misery to hundreds of thousands. They will be gathering in Ottawa next week for Canada’s largest trade show.

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