Stop Arming Israel – Special Vigils with Music This week at Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Office in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.

By Madison for a World BEYOND War, January 11, 2024

Madison for a World BEYOND War and other Wisconsin groups have held lunchtime events in Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office this week to ask her to use her power in the Senate to stop the slaughter of children in Gaza.  In December, Tammy Baldwin made a statement in support of ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. Wisconsinites ask her now to join the senators who are taking more steps to stop the genocide. Very soon, the Senate will vote on a colossal military funding package for Israel, $14 billion. Activists are asking Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to vote against that funding.

Lunchtime Vigils with Music – Monday – Friday, Jan 8 – 12
Senator Baldwin’s office

30 W Mifflin St, 7th floor

Activists have been inside and outside Senator Baldwin’s office, talking with her staff, making music, reading names of the dead, poems, stories, statements, articles, being silent. On the calendar this week –

Monday, Jan 8 — 12:30 – 1:30 pm Phil Trachtenberg & Sergey Levitskiy played songs in protest of Israel’s military campaign, and U.S. support of it, and read current news articles.

Wednesday, Jan 10 — 12 noon – 1 pm Madison Quakers offered songs, stories, and silent worship.

Thursday, Jan 11 — 12 noon – 1 pm Catholic Workers and friends offered songs and statements.

Friday, Jan 12 — 12 noon – 1 pm Concert by Clare Norelle and Marc Rosenthal.  Details below.

Background: On Nov 2, the House passed a bill to give Israel $14 billion more in military support. The Senate will vote on that funding very soon. Bernie Sanders, Chris Van Hollen, and others in the Senate are taking steps to stop arming Israel and to hold Israel accountable. Details are here and here.

On Nov 2, Representative Mark Pocan voted NO on more weapons for Israel. Activists are asking Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to do the same. They want the senators to use their power to intervene in the genocide in Gaza.

In mid-Dec constituents met with Baldwin to ask her to support a ceasefire.  The following week, she did.  Media coverage here. That was a step.  This week her constituents are asking her to follow the lead of the senators who are doing more.

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