Statement of Support for Peace in Ukraine

map of NATO in europe

By Montreal for a World BEYOND War, May 25, 2022

Given that : 

  • The World Peace Council has called on all parties to the Russia-Ukraine conflict to restore and secure  peace and international security through political dialogue; (1)
  • Many Russian and Ukrainian men, women and children have lost their lives in this conflict, which has  also destroyed infrastructure and produced more than four million refugees as of April 2022; (2)
  • Survivors in Ukraine are in grave danger, many are wounded, and it is clear that the Russian and Ukrainian people have nothing to gain from this military conflict;
  • The current conflict is a foreseeable consequence of the US, NATO, and European Union involvement  in the 2014 Euromaidan coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Ukraine;
  • The current conflict is related to the control of energy resources, pipelines, markets and political  influence;
  • There is a very real danger of nuclear war if this conflict is allowed to continue.

Montreal for a World BEYOND War calls on the Canadian government to: 

  1. Support an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian and all foreign troops from Ukraine;
  2. Support peace negotiations without preconditions, including Russia, NATO and Ukraine;
  3. Stop shipping Canadian arms to Ukraine, where they will only serve to prolong the war and kill more  people;
  4. Repatriate Canadian troops, arms and military equipment located in Europe;
  5. Support an end to NATO expansion and extricate Canada from the NATO military alliance;
  6. Sign the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW);
  7. Reject the call for a No-Fly Zone, which will only exacerbate the crisis and can lead to a much wider  war—even a nuclear confrontation with apocalyptic consequences;
  8. Cancel its plans to purchase 88 nuclear-capable F-35 fighter jets, at a cost of $77 billion dollars. (3)


5 Responses

  1. Withdrawing from NATO and bringing back our troops from Europe is a good idea. Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia is also a good idea and Canada should be encouraging it, however there will be no withdrawal of Russian forces from the Donbass. Ukraine’s intransigent position and refusal to implement the Minsk Accord has led to the loss of the Donbass. Unfortunately it’s all too late now.

    1. It is not military conflict!!! This is invasion and genocide of Ukrainians. The only condition to stop it for Russians to get out to the borders s of 1991 and pay reparations. This is fascism what they have done to us.

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