Photos from the March for Climate and Peace in New York City on Sunday

By John Miksad, Fairfield for a World BEYOND War, September 18, 2023

We had a strong peace turnout at the NYC Climate March yesterday. World BEYOND War, CodePink, Veterans For Peace, War Resistors League, New Haven Peace Council, Massachusetts Peace Action, Peace Action New York State, Brooklyn for Peace, and others marched from 55th St. and Broadway to 1st Avenue and 51st St.

At end of march, the crowd filled 1st Ave from 51st st. to 56th. Organizers estimate 75,000 people of all ages marched with an urgent message for President Biden: “Declare a Climate Emergency Now!” Of course, that requires an end to U.S. endless, disastrous, and destructive military exploits around the world.

Peace activists will assemble again in NYC on Thursday, 9/21 for the International Day of Peace to demand the U.S. move onto the only sustainable path forward…PEACE.



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  1. ACTION ALERT: Also, Attend the weekly Yemen Peace Vigil in Manhattan, especially Saturday, October 12, 2023 for a double protest–Protest Against the War in Yemen, and also that same day on the anniversary of the U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan Protest Against and the Endless Wars! Union Square Park, 14th Street and Broadway, 11 am (Yemen Vigil) 12 pm (Afghanistan/Endless Wars). Be there or be square!!!

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