Peace Activists in Canada Are Right Now Shutting Down All Kraken Robotics Facilities, Demanding It Stop Arming Israel

By World BEYOND War, March 7, 2024


On Thursday morning, two days after a lawsuit was filed suing the federal government to stop military exports to Israel, human rights protesters took matters into their own hands and blocked workers from entering all three Canadian facilities of Kraken Robotics. Peace activists blocked access to Kraken’s headquarters in St. John’s Newfoundland, their office in Toronto, and factory in Halifax as workers attempted to enter for the morning shift, demanding an end to the flow of weapons from Canada to Israel.

“We refuse to stand idly by while a company from our own province profits off of the genocide of Palestinians,” said Megan Hutchings of Palestine Action YYT, while outside Kraken’s headquarters in St. John’s. “There can be no negotiation on this front – we demand an arms embargo now, including the sale of all parts and equipment that facilitate the mass murder in Gaza by the Israeli apartheid regime”.

St John’s

Kraken Robotics is a Canadian marine technology company that partners with Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems to provide a sonar system for Elbit’s Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), a drone ship currently being used by the Israeli military in its attack on Gaza. Kraken also provides robotics systems to Israeli Aerospace Industries, a state-owned weapons company, for its BlueWhale Autonomous Submarine System.


“Halifax is a key point in Canada’s arms machinery and trade”, explained Leila Fandoghi, a community member in Halifax. “The ports of this city are the link that connects Canada’s weapon manufacturers to Israel. We are standing here to disrupt that link and say no to Kraken and no to the arms trade, and to call for an immediate arms embargo on Israel.”

“Just this week, a lawsuit was filed in Toronto suing the Canadian government for continuing to allow military exports to Israel,” said Faisal Samir with World BEYOND War. “Until justice is served, we will stand up for it ourselves. From the courts to the streets, we are committed to stopping Israel’s genocide on Gaza.”

For over five months, the Israeli military has indiscriminately bombed civilian neighbourhoods, targeted journalists, hospitals, schools, refugee camps and designated “safe zones.” The Israeli military offense has led to over 30,000 killed, the majority women and children, and displacement of close to 1.5 million people. Israel’s refusal to admit food and fuel into Gaza has led to famine and starvation, including deaths of children and babies that Canadians bear witness to through social media. To date, hundreds of thousands of people across Canada have taken to the streets to demand that Prime Minister Trudeau call for a permanent ceasefire and end Canada’s economic and military support for Israeli war crimes.

Since 2016, Kraken Robotics has provided its KATFISH towed sonar system to Israel’s largest military contractor Elbit Systems for integration with Elbit’s Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), which is equipped with a remote-controlled weapon system, a torpedo launching system, a non-lethal weapons system, and more. Israel Defence reports that the Seagull USV is likely being used in the current genocide in Gaza. Kraken also provides robotics systems to Israeli Aerospace Industries, a state-owned military company, for use in their BlueWhale Autonomous Submarine System.

In a February 2024 press release, Kraken Robotics CEO Greg Reid cites the escalation of geopolitical tensions as beneficial to their bottom line explaining that “as countries adapt to the new geopolitical norm to monitor and protect critical underwater infrastructure and territories [..] we are winning new customers and selling more products and services to existing customers.”

Photos and some video are available for download here.


8 Responses

  1. The Liberal government of Canada has been destroying Canada since Trudeau was the PM. He took away our means to protect ourselves only to give weapons to other countries to kill each other. The conservatives are no better. they will also support wars that no one needs or wants.

  2. One sided agenda. You don’t see the way Jews were butchered? This was Is started by Palestine, so face the consequences. Kraken robotics is a private company which sells the technology to everyone, what is it has to do with war? It’s clear that you have an agenda and your actions prove hipocracy against Jews/Israelis

    1. Palestine did not start this. The UN did when it told the Jewish zionists that they could have land in Palestine after WWII to assuage their guilt after the Holocaust. Zionists have been unwilling to share the land and yes, Palestinians have been against their land being taken in the first place. If this was happening to you here in Canada, you wouldn’t stand for it. The Palestinian people have just as much of a right to that land, it is their ancestral homeland as well.

      Responding to a terrorist attack with a genocide is disgustingly disproportionate and Kraken is helping the Israeli army target civilians. It’s morally wrong, and the rest of us no longer want to be complicit in it.

      1. How does that change by killing pregnant women and children in Israel? It was totally cowardly act. If they were really brave enough to wage a war but killing civilians is no way to address any solution.

      2. They (Palestines) have their land already which is Palestine, why to attack Jews, they never crossed border illegally

  3. What land are you talking about? Palestines entered Israel and killed innocents first not the other way. I am not a Jew , bug watching what Hamas did to them churned my stomach. How can someone watching all those videos and still support Hamas is beyond my imagination and awe.

  4. It is an undeniable fact that the land currently occupied by Israel was taken from the Palestinians, as Melanie mentioned. Therefore, the Palestinians have every right to defend themselves against any aggression, just like the Israelis do. It is worth mentioning the numerous military operations that Israel has carried out over the years, which they refer to as “Mowing The Lawn”.

    Cast Lead (Gaza War) 2008-2009. The conflict resulted in 1,166–1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli deaths (including 4 from friendly fire).

    Pillar of Defense 2012 according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees 174 Palestinians were killed and hundreds were wounded. Six Israelis had been killed, two hundred forty were injured, and more than two hundred had been treated for anxiety.

    Guardian of the Walls 2021 at least 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed (including at least seven from friendly fire). In Israel, at least 13 people were killed, including two children. The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that more than 1,900 Palestinians were injured, and as of 12 May, at least 200 Israelis were reported to have been injured.

    Peaceful Demonstration
    Great March of Return Every Friday from March 30th 2018 through December 27th 2019 Israeli forces killed a total of 223 Palestinians.

  5. I honor the protestors who are speaking truth to power. Thank ypu… you speak for me, and millions of others as well.

    Yes, this war did not start on Oct. 7, and it was not started by the Palestinians.

    By international law the Palestinians have every right, by any means necessary, to resist the illegal occupation, the subjugation of their rights, the illegal land theft (including the ongoing building of illegals settlements in the West Bank), the violation of their human rights, and the brutal oppression by the Israeli military, and the long-term total land, sea, and air blockade.

    On the other hand… Israel, who is in standing violation of 48 U.N. resolutions related to Palestine does not have international rights to defend themselves on land that they have stolen from Palestine.

    You have a computer Kumar? Stop listening to atrocity propaganda… type “Palestine” into your You tube channel and start watching videos that tell the other side of the story.

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