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World BEYOND War believes that education is a critical component of a global security system and an essential tool for getting us there. We educate both about and for the abolition of war.  Our educational resources are based on knowledge and research that expose the myths of war and illuminate the proven nonviolent, peaceful alternatives that can bring us authentic security.  Of course knowledge is only useful when it’s applied. Thus we also encourage citizens to reflect upon critical questions and engage in dialogue with peers toward challenging assumptions of the war system.  These forms of critical, reflective learning have been well documented to support increased political efficacy and action for system change.

World BEYOND War offers several tools and resources for engaged learning for the abolition of war.  Our two primary online learning tools are 1) online courses, and 2) a free online study and discussion guide.

Online Courses

We periodically offer facilitated online courses led by World BEYOND War experts and allied activists and change makers from around the world. We typically request a $100 donation for participating in our online courses.

War Abolition 101: How we Create a Peaceful World: February 18 – March 31, 2019: Learn more and sign up here.

Past offerings have included:

War Abolition 101: How We Create a Peaceful World
How can we make the best argument for shifting from war to peace? How can we become more effective advocates and activists for ending particular wars, ending all wars, pursuing disarmament, and creating systems that maintain peace?

War Abolition 201: Building the Alternative Global Security System
With what do we replace the war system (aka the military-industrial-corporate-governmental complex)? What truly makes us secure? What are the moral, social, political, philosophical and pragmatic foundations of an alternative global security system – a system in which peace is pursued by peaceful means? What actions and strategies might we pursue in building this system? War Abolition 201 explores these questions and more with the goal of engaging students in learning that leads to action.

Study and Discussion Guide

Study War No More – A Concerned Citizen’s Study & Action Guide for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” is available at

Study War No More is a free online learning tool developed in partnership with the Global Campaign for Peace Education.   It supports the study of World BEYOND War’s publication: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS).   The guide can be used for independent study or as a tool for facilitating dialogue and discussion in classrooms (secondary, university) and with community groups.  Each discussion topic features a video introduction from our “study and action partners” – leading global thinkers, strategists, academics, advocates and activists who are already developing components of an alternative global security system.


World BEYOND War hosts free educational webinars accessible to the public. Our webinar series is an opportunity for us to answer questions about our work, and engage in live dialogue with our members and partners around the world. Our webinars are recorded and can be re-watched at any time.

Upcoming Webinars

Militarism is the “elephant in the room,” says FAIR founder Jeff Cohen. Former TV pundit for MSNBC, CNN, and Fox, Jeff was fired for shedding light on the perils of U.S. interventionism and in particular, for opposing the invasion of Iraq on the air. Rose Dyson, President of Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment, expresses concern about the culture of war that is perpetuated by TV, music, video games, and social media. Popular culture glamorizes the use of guns, normalizing violence and conflict.
What: Free Webinar: Militarism in the Media with Jeff Cohen and Rose Dyson
When: Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT – 5)
Where: Your computer or telephone!
Register for our next free webinar featuring experts Rose Dyson and Jeff Cohen discussing the strained relationship between militarism and the media, and how we can be peaceful advocates for a world BEYOND war.

Past Webinars

Global Perspectives on War: How do people around the world think about militarism? On October 24, 2018 we hosted a webinar featuring three different global perspectives on the impact of war. Panelists: David Swanson, Co-Founder and Director of World BEYOND War; Kathy Kelly, Co-Coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence; and Barry Sweeney, World BEYOND War Ireland Coordinator.

How War Threatens the Environment: On September 27, 2018 we hosted a webinar exploring the links between war and the environment.  One of the most destructive of human behaviors, war is a leading contributor to the growing global environmental crisis. This webinar featured experts Gar Smith and Tamara Lorincz speaking about how war – in all its stages, from the production of weapons through combat – pollutes land, air, and water, and drains limited natural resources.  Check out our War & Environment Resources Page for powerpoints, articles, books, and more information on this topic. A video recording is available below:

Tour the World with Justice Travel: On July 17, 2018, we hosted a webinar in partnership with Justice Travel, a travel company that offers unique tours that highlight communities around the world advocating for human rights and social justice. During this webinar, representatives from Justice Travel discussed their mission and tours, with particular focus on their Colombia trip, which highlights the ongoing peacebuilding process in the country. Learn more about travel opportunities with Justice Travel by watching the recording of the webinar:

Growing the Movement for a World BEYOND War: On June 18, 2018, we hosted a webinar to discuss how we’re building a global, grassroots people-powered movement to advocate for war abolition. Featured speakers included World BEYOND War Co-Founder & Director David Swanson, Coordinating Committee Chair Leah Bolger, Organizing Director Greta Zarro, and Education Coordinator Tony Jenkins. We discussed our mission, strategy, campaigns, and education programs – and opportunities for getting involved! Watch the recoding of the webinar:

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