Ending War 101

Ending War 101: Making the Impossible Possible. An online course offered by Rotary + World Beyond War

Why Ending War 101?

It can be very disconcerting to learn that that there have been over 250 wars since the United Nations was formed to ‘Save succeeding generations from the scourage of war’. How can this be? Survey after survey around the world shows that, after life itself, what people most want is peace. Why then do we still have war?

This 6-hour online course invites us to look at the beliefs and thinking, both personal and cultural, that have allowed war to continue for so long; and to consider what this way of thinking is costing us and our planet. Einstein said We cannot fix a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.” And so, at its core, Ending War 101 is an exercise in consciousness raising. Whether you are an experienced peacebuilder or just starting out on your journey, the course provides an opportunity to:

          ·       Reflect on your own presumptions about war:
·       Recognise ways in which you, and the culture you live in, tolerate, even cooperate, with war and what that toleration costs us;
·     Clarify what really makes us safe;
·       Share experiences and connect with like-minded people; and
·       Identify ways to ACT impactfully

Course Outline:

          ·        Module 1: Can War be Ended?
·        Module 2: Is a “Just War” Even Possible?
·        Module 3: What Does it Cost us to Allow the War System to Continue?
·        Module 4: How Can Rotary Help Us Shift from a War System to a Peace System?

The course includes a mix of text, images, video, and audio, plus optional opportunities for discussion and interaction, including two optional Zoom calls. 

When are the dates?

The course runs for two weeks.  You can start at any time and it will typically take about 1 ½ hours to read each Module. You may want to take additional time depending on the video clips you choose to watch and your level of engagement in the discussions. Because this course questions common personal and cultural presumptions about war, participants often have a desire to connect with others to share insights and new awareness.  

The online discussion forums and optional Zoom calls will facilitate these more real-time conversations. All participants will receive the Zoom link the day before.

Course fee: $50 (Pay less if you have to, more if you can.)

•          Discounted fee – $25

•          Minimum fee – $1

•          Help others take part – $100

•          Be a superstar – $200

These fees will be used to support both RAGFP and WBW in the design, deliver, and future development of the course.

To register by check: 

1. Email Phill Gittins at World BEYOND War and let him know education@worldbeyondwar.org   
2. Make the check out to World BEYOND War and send it to World BEYOND War, 513 E Main St #1484 Charlottesville VA 22902 USA

Note: When registering below make sure to check the box to opt-in to email updates. Otherwise we will not be able to email you information on how to commence the course. 


More about the course


·         Helen Peacock, MSc: Board Member of the Rotary Action Group for Peace and Chapter Coordinator for World BEYOND War: helen.jeanalda.peacock@gmail.com

·         Phill Gittins, PhD: Director of Education at WBW; Rotary Peace Fellow and Rotary-IEP Positive Peace Activator: education@worldbeyondwar.org


The course is a collaborative effort between the Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) and World BEYOND War (WBW). It is based on the awarding-winning content and resources of WBW. It is edited by Helen Peacock with support from Dr. Phill Gittins and other WBW colleagues. Along with Helen and Phill, the organizing committee for this course includes: Barbara Muller (2022/23 Chair, RAGFP); Al Jubitz (Co-Founder RAGFP, PDG); Michael Caruso (founder of the Rotary PeaceBuilder Clubs); Richard Denton (PDG and Community Organizer); and Tom Baker (Positive Peace Activator and Educator).

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