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A Global Demand to 35 Governments: Get Your Troops Out of Afghanistan / A Thank You to 6 That Already Have

Tell U.S. President Biden to Lift Deadly Sanctions During Pandemic

Get Nukes Out of Non-Nuclear Nations

Stop Excluding Military Pollution from Climate Agreements

Petition to Biden: End Sanctions on Iran

Global Appeal to Nine Nuclear Governments

U.S. Troops Out of Iraq

Germany Must Not Join the War-Making Nations of the World

Keep the War Machine Out of the Galapagos Islands

BDS the US

Publicly Commit to Using the Rule of Law to Prevent War

Only Supporters of Peace Should Be Appointed to Nobel Peace Prize Committee

People Who Oppose War Must Not Be Compelled to Pay for War.

Ban Weaponized Drones.

U.S. Military Out of Ireland.

This is for Canada:

Solidarity from Canada with the Farmers March in India

This is for New Zealand:

16 Years Is Enough: Get NZ Troops Out of Iraq

These are for the United States:

Sign the Petition to Congress: Stop Funding War and Militarism — Invest in Our Communities!

Abolish Draft Registration

Email Congress to End War on Yemen

Tell Your Representative and Senators to Join the Military Spending Reduction Caucus

Tell Congress a Free Press Means a Free Julian Assange

Defund the Military

Stop Arming Human Rights Abusers

Repeal the U.S. Military Selective Service Act

The 3 Percent Plan to End Starvation

Tell Congress to Clean Up the Contamination from Military Bases

Email Congress: Peace in Korea

#iobject: Be a Conscientious Objector

Shut Down High School JROTC Firing Ranges

Tell U.S. to join treaty banning nuclear weapons possession.

This is for Portland, Oregon:

Demilitarize the Police in Portland


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