Nancy Pelosi Is Pressing Charges Against Peace Activists

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, February 19, 2024
Photo by Peter Menchini

Nancy Pelosi is having peace activists charged with felonies for nonviolent activities in front of her San Francisco home, and yet not having them investigated for, much less charged with what she has publicly accused them of, namely working for both Russia and China.

Heather Phipps is being represented in court by civil rights attorney Walter Riley. She allegedly splashed washable red paint on Pelosi’s garage door last week. A few drops of the paint accidentally got on a policeman’s uniform. The Pelosis are claiming that the damage to their garage door exceeds $400, and thus Heather committed a felony. The drops of paint on the policeman’s uniform are being used to also charge her with battery. Meanwhile Cynthia Papermaster, coordinator for CODEPINK in the Bay Area, is being charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly leaving red handprints on the garage door. The washable paint was completely washed off by evening.

Papermaster commented: “Pelosi takes $600,000 from the Israeli lobby and refuses to call for a ceasefire. We wonder — is she working for us, her constituents, or is she doing Netanyahu’s and Israel’s bidding? While Pelosi is funding a genocide in Gaza with our tax dollars that’s killing and starving thousands of children, she has time for petty vendettas against committed peace advocates. I fasted for Gaza for 20 days, taking only liquids amounting to 200 calories or less per day, which is what innocent children in Gaza are receiving if they can even find food to eat. There is a genocide happening before our eyes, and Pelosi is good with funding it with our tax dollars. So I’m now committed to ousting Pelosi from her undeserved position as San Francisco’s member of Congress.”

She continued: “Nearly 80% of Democrats want a ceasefire. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a ceasefire resolution by a vote of 8 to 3 with thousands of residents showing up at City Hall to support the resolution. Pelosi is either completely unaware of her constituents’ needs, or she is deliberately ignoring them, which is the more likely explanation. Her Federal Building office has been closed for years. Constituents are prevented from meeting with her staff or even entering the Federal Building. She doesn’t hold town meetings like other Representatives. She has walled herself off from the people she is supposed to represent. She continually votes against the interests of her constituents who fervently wish for her to call for a ceasefire and to stop funding the Israeli genocide in Gaza with our tax dollars. She is a failure as San Francisco’s member of Congress and she needs to step down and be replaced.”

8 Responses

  1. Violation of voter trust and misuse of privilege granted by the voters for own agenda must have consequences at the polls. Let’s make San Fransisco beautiful for all again.

  2. Most Democrats in Congress are bought and paid for, so that justice and defending human rights in Gaza don’t even figure into their decision-making process. The U.S., great defender of democracy, is enabling ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Biden hasn’t once said he’s trying to negotiate a peace agreement between Hamas and Israel. He’s a warmonger and his toothy smile says it all. I did not vote for this national puppet of Israel.

    1. If Pelosi is politically paid to respond to people who are of a foreign country, then she aught to register herself as a foreign agent and be barred from holding her office as a Senator. This would be the same for all members of Congress and the person who is President.

  3. Pelosi worried about her garage while over 30,000 Palestinians have been slaughtered in the “Gaza Genocide.
    A bit of history:
    Not only was Speaker Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., a racist, he was a terrorist! He supported the Bergson Group. Hillel Kook was born in Lithuania in 1915 and moved with his family to Palestine in 1925. He became a militant Zionist and adopted the pseudonym Peter H. Bergson to avoid embarrassing his family.

    Hillel Kook (Peter H. Bergson) sought out Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. because he was the son of an Italian Catholic immigrant, Senator Elbert Thomas (D-Utah) was a Mormon, who viewed Mormons as a mistreated minority and Rep. Andrew Somers (D-NY) was of Irish descent and resented British rule in Ireland, all chosen by Bergson to create a Jewish state in Palestine.

    Bergson joined the Revisionist Zionist movement’s military arm, known as the National Military Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi (IZL) in the early 1930s. The Revisionist Zionist movement aimed to force Britain (which controlled Palestine under the British Mandate) to grant Jewish statehood on both banks of the Jordan River and to allow unlimited Jewish immigration into Palestine. The IZL conducted violent attacks on Arabs and the British. The British government considered the IZL to be a terrorist organization. The British government representatives warned the State Department about Bergson’s connection to the IZL, calling hm a “bomb-thrower.”
    Pelosi is one of Israel’s sycophants among many in our congress bought and paid for by Zionists.
    Zionism is to the Palestinians what Nazism was to Jews. The NAKBA is to the Palestinians what the Holocaust wast to Jews. No less barbaric, sadistic, vile and evil.

  4. I lived in an occupied country during WW2 and so much of what our governments stand for today reminds me very much of the time from the 1930’s to 1945.

  5. Can we ever hope for AN END to this mass hysteria??? What about suing the US for the millions who have perished because America’s nefarious actions?

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