Mapping the War Machine

Below are countries that have joined the International Criminal Court. They include Afghanistan, where the ICC claims to be considering prosecuting the United States. In a recent poll 73% of people polled in the United States favored the U.S. joining the court. To urge the ICC to act fairly, click here. This effort is part of World Beyond War’s global justice campaign.

Below are countries that are party to a treaty banning all war, the Kellogg-Briand Pact:

Below are countries that are party to the treaty banning cluster bombs:

Below are countries in which at least one person has signed the World Beyond War pledge to work to end all wars:

The colorful map below is created using the data of which seeks (in ways that are certainly debatable) to quantify how good a country is as a neighbor to the rest of the world. This map looks just at the rankings in the area of peace and demilitarization. In this map, bright pink is best, and dark green is worst. This data comes from 2011 when Egypt was experiencing an Arab Spring. Libya had not yet been attacked by NATO. An update might alter some of these rankings. They are still worth examining, and worth comparing with GoodCountry’s other categories and overall rankings.

Finally, here is a map of nations that have banned nuclear weapons and joined nuclear weapons free zones:

Here is previous mapping.

The presentation above can also be found as a “prezi” (a variation on what’s more commonly called a powerpoint and used to be called a slide show) at the World Beyond War events resources page.

This report was produced by David Swanson who thanks Sandy Davies for information on air strikes.

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