Mapping Military Madness

Once again this year, the clear winner, in not just women’s soccer and incarceration, but also in militarism, is the United States of America, sweeping nearly every category of military insanity with seemingly effortless ease. Find all of last year’s and this year’s maps here:

In the area of money spent on militarism, there was really no competition:


Troops in Afghanistan have declined, but there remains no question which nation still has the most.

There are more major wars in the world now than a year ago, but only one nation is involved in some significant way in all of them.

When it comes to weapons sales to the rest of the world, the United States really shines. The other nations should probably be competing in a different league.

In nuclear weapons stockpiling, Russia makes an amazing showing, nudging out the U.S. for the lead, just like last year, even as both nations’ stockpiles have slightly diminished, and both nations have announced plans to build more. No other nation even makes it on the chart.

Among nations with other WMDs, such as chemical and biological weapons, the United States is right in there.

But it’s really in the reach of its military presence that the United States makes every other nation look like amateur killers. U.S. troops and weapons are everywhere. Check out the maps.

We’ve added a map showing the nations receiving the greatest number of U.S. and allies’ air strikes, and we’ve updated the count of drone murders in each country being regularly droned.

Further maps display which nations are taking steps to facilitate peace and prosperity. The United States’ ability to fail so stunningly in these categories while excelling in the others is the mark of a true champion war monger.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Adjust the settings to make your own maps of militarism here.




8 Responses

  1. I hadn’t noticed Israel being on your page. They have over 300 nukes in their possession. They are in cahoots with US.

  2. “When it comes to weapons sales to the rest of the world, the United States really shines. ” You have pin pointed the root cause.

  3. Global militarization and arms sale have now become mankind’s worst enemies. It might not be too late for mankind to learn to make better choices.

  4. Peace dividends, generated from elimination of WMD and reduction in defense budgets & spending, might be enough to eradicate global poverty and stabilize the climate system.

  5. Israel has 300 Nukes and is not a signatory to the NPT (non proliferation treaty) . It has unfairly used this unfair playing field to bully its neighbours.
    we are all for a world without war but how can you achieve that? simply by wishing? by a useless UN? by the existing useless treaties? or simply by creating web sites like this one? Writing books ? giving speeches?
    Non of that will achieve anything in this world where bigots the like Donald Trump get the most votes.
    what is needed is a world government with teeth , a world government where no single nation can dictate any agenda , a world authority that has the ability to pass judgments and enforce them.
    This site perhaps better called the World Government. instead of worldbeyondwar.

  6. I’m with that pot smoking hipster Hunter S. Thompson who, even way back in the 70’s , after dealing with the mainstream media and political establishment, and writing about the utter corruption of a guy like Nixon (seems in hindsight he’s no exception),came to the sad and bitter conclusion that “the American nation are a venal people with a dark and violent streak at their core” We’ve blown our cover as the ‘policemen of the planet. Christ! you only have to look at what we do to black americans. The jig is up. We’ve got to start looking at ourselves from the inside out. I only wonder if it is not too late. It’s just a huge projection. Forget about the enemy “out there” Start with the enemy within our own hearts.Then maybe something will change

  7. To those who think war can be ended simply by wishing and to those who think people who want to bring an end to wars, please take the time to read “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”, “Waging Peace”, “War No More” and the other books listed at the World Beyond War website. War can become a thing of the past when enough people say no to more war and non-violently resist war and other human violence.

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