LETTER: Like Apartheid SA, Apartheid Israel is Unsustainable

Jewish Man waves Israeli flag
A Jewish man waves an Israeli flag in Jerusalem’s Old City. Picture: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN

By Terry Crawford-Browne, BusinessDay, December 12, 2022

Unlike Israel, Iran is not a menace to humanity.

Allan Wolman and Nicholas Woode-Smith’s correspondence refers (“UN votes to probe Iran over rights abuses, but SA invites its foreign minister”, November 28, and “Why defend Iran in favour of Israel?”, December 2). Both attempt to divert focus from Israeli atrocities by smearing SA, Iran and other countries that no longer remain silent.

Unlike Israel, Iran is not a menace to humanity.  Contrary to the lies spread by Israel and the US, Iran has no nuclear weapons or ambitions to develop them. Iran hasn’t attacked its neighbours for centuries but, by contrast, has repeatedly been the victim of British and US attempts at regime change and the plunder of Iranian oil.

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